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Food For Thought There have been concerns regarding PET & glass bottles ending up as landfill & not being recycled. Our bottle supplier is Visy Australia & they have an amazing record of producing products from recycled material. Both their cardboard &...

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Minimize your exposure! Here?s how you can help minimize your exposure to GMO and glyphosate dangers: Read labels When buying fresh produce look at the codes on the little stickers on the items: ?4-digit code: Traditionally grown (non-GMO) produce ?5-digit code: Look...

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We’re On ABC Landline!

Our Kombucha story has been featured on ABC Landline!  The boss discusses the Kombucha market and has vital information to look out for when choosing a Kombucha brand.  Check it out here!

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Kombucha : What Is All The Fuss About

Dr. David Perlmutter, renowned neurologist and author of "Brain Maker" says Kombucha is "A powerful fermented food that brings important probiotic strains to your gut, Kombucha should absolutely have a place at your table. And if you’re concerned about the sugar...

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