Contract Manufacturing or Private Labelling
with Us

Are you a business looking for an additional revenue stream? Or are you seeking to distribute to your existing customers or promote your very own branded product?

We might be able to support you with our contract manufacturing / private label service.

As a company, we have been working with several distributors both in Australia and overseas to bottle, label and distribute under their own brands.  Our product is now sold internationally in Japan, Dubai and Singapore.  Many meal preparation companies, allied health professionals, gyms and personal trainers, gift or sell our product under their own label.  Interested to learn more?  Below are some FAQ’s about our process.  Give Jeff a call on 0412 657 895 – leave a message if he doesn’t reply because he might be bottling!  Watch our Landline video to get a glimpse of our facility at Tea Gardens, NSW.

Do You Contract Manufacture For Other Businesses?

We certainly do!  Currently we contract manufacture for many different distributors both here and overseas.

Do You Private Label Your Kombucha & Other Drinks?

Yes we certainly do. We current Private Label for online meal preparation companies, drink distributors, gyms and personal trainers. If you could like to discuss please contact Jeff directly on 0412 657 895.

Is There a Minimum Order Quantity?

To private label or contract manufacture, we would like a minimum commitment of 1000 litres of each flavour of product.  However, we are happy to talk to you about your needs if they are smaller than the 1000 litres  – nothing is impossible!  Maybe you need to start out small and grow your business, we were once a start up too so we get it!  Give Jeff a call on 0412 657 895 and have a chat.

Can You Organise Labels For My Product?

Yes of course!  We have an amazing team of professionals who you can tap into including a label designer. We can give you a price based on you getting these printed yourself or we can also include the packaging as well.  You will find we are very flexible to suit your needs.

Do You Organise Shipping & Freight?

Yes.  We have an extensive network of couriers and freight forwarders who can ship anything.  We recently facilitated shipment of our private label Kombucha in 3 x 60 ft containers to Japan!

Can We Purchase Across Your Whole Range?

Yes you can.  Kombucha is only one of our product ranges.  Best bet is to give Jeff a call on 0412 657 895 and discuss your thoughts and plans.

Can We Use Our Own Bottles?

Unfortunately not.  Our bottling line is set up for our bottles only at the moment.  We are happy for you to produce your own labels if we give you the dimensions.

Do You Use Any Other Packaging?

Unfortunately not.  Our bottling line is set up for our bottles only at the moment. We are happy for you to produce your own labels if we give you the dimensions.  We may in the future investigate other packaging options such as cans, but that is in the future.

Do you use Australian grown ingredients?

Unfortunately we have to source our primary ingredients (Organic Raw sugar & Organic Green tea) from overseas. This is because they are not grown in commercial quantities in Australia but these ingredients have been certified by Australian Certified Organic.

Our flavours however, are 100% Australian grown.

What type of flavouring is used?

We use all natural 100% Australian grown essences extracted from real fruit for flavouring.

What is the sugar content of your Kombucha?

The sugar level of Kombucha will be determined by the brewing time. The longer the brew the less the sugar. As we are now brewing sugar free kombucha we are brewing up to 60 days to have the sugar completely consumed by the bacillus. This also increases the amount of bacillus & reduces the yeast, which in turn stabilizes the kombucha.

How do the sugar levels compare with fruit juice?

Our Kombucha has ZERO sugar whilst fruit juice has about 10% sugar.

Is your Kombucha sparkling?

Our main line Kombucha is Sparkling in the 350ml and 500ml ranges.
The Aminos, BCAAs, and Collagen varieties are non-sparkling so you can better redistribute the aminos and collagen (give them a good shake!) before opening.

Does your Kombucha contain Caffeine.

All kombucha contains a trace of caffeine.

The levels are much lower than a cup of green tea as the bacillus consumes most or all of it.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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