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Food For Thought

There have been concerns regarding PET & glass bottles ending up as landfill & not being recycled.

Our bottle supplier is Visy Australia & they have an amazing record of producing products from recycled material.

Both their cardboard & plastic divisions use recycled packaging.

By paying a premium for our bottles, Visy guarantees they are made from Australian Made Recycled non-leaching BPA free PET.

This ensures our company has a Neutral Waste Footprint & combined with 20,000 watts of solar panels on our factory roof we are doing our part as an environmentally friendly manufacturer.

Some Hard Facts

  • The recycling of PET produces only 15% of the CO2 produced by recycling glass
  • Glass needs to be ground to sand, then reheated to 1500 degrees C to produce another bottle
  • PET melts at 75 to 255 degrees Celcius,  producing far less CO2
  • Diesel usage for transporting PET is far less than glass
  • Glass weighs 7.5 times more than plastic

Responsibly disposing of all packaging will ensure that our environment remains healthy for our future generations to enjoy.

Kind Regards

Jeff Low
Australian Organic Beverages Pty Ltd


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