300ml Collagen Glow Kombucha


30 x 300ml bottles = 1 month supply
Less than $3 per day!

NEW!! Collagen Glow Kombucha is your new must have beauty elixir. Combining gut loving Kombucha with Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides will boost skin, hair, nails & joints!

Enjoy your non sparkling daily dose of Kombucha and Collagen together with the flavour bomb of Pomegranate & Apple!

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Collagen Glow Kombucha: Your #GlowOnTheGo

This isn’t just a drink –  it’s a synergy of health, beauty, and convenience, handcrafted to fit into your dynamic lifestyle.


Ready To Drink & Glow.  Anytime. Anywhere. 

Enjoy the ease of our ready-to-drink format, perfectly tailored for your busy life. Whether you’re heading to a yoga class, stuck in meetings, or just need a wellness boost on the move, Collagen Glow Kombucha is your ideal companion. With #GlowOnTheGo, radiant health is always within reach.

Gut Health = Better Absorption

At the core of Collagen Glow Kombucha is the perfect synergy of collagen and kombucha. Being combined with our fermented kombucha allows the collagen to be better absorbed by the body.   Together, they create a blend that not only tastes great but also supports and optimises your overall well-being.