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Mango ACV


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24 x 350ml bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar goodness!

NOTE:  If you would like 2 different flavours please make a note of 2nd flavour in the comments section on checkout!


INGREDIENTS: 20ml pure apple cider vinegar, naturally fermented organic glucose, organic green tea (real leaf), natural essence of mango, purified water, citric acid.

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  1. acv brands

    There have been several studies that have been don around the subject of weight loss and apple cider vinegar. Part of what apple cider vinegar does to help with weight loss centers on diabetes and insulin resistance. Diabetes is when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to deal with the sugar levels in your blood. There have been studies that suggest people who take a little bit of apple cider vinegar with their meals feel fuller faster. The apple cider vinegar diet calls for you to have 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar before every meal. It’s supposed to help you feel fuller faster. It’s also helps to regulate the time it takes for the glucose produced from your foods to reach your bloodstream. Having the release of blood sugar regulated means that your body won’t have to produce as much insulin. The less insulin that your body produces the less it triggers your body to start producing fat cells and storing fat. That will help you lose weight.

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