What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a symbiotic culture of beneficial bacteria & yeast. The first documented brewing of Kombucha was in China in 221 BC. 

The Mother, or mushroom, as it is sometimes referred, is very much like a pancake floating on top of a brew of sweetened organic tea. After a couple of weeks the brew is converted to enzymes, probiotics, anti-oxidants, minerals & organic acids. 

Tea Gardens Kombucha is 100% organic, raw & alive [unpasteurized].  Our Brew Master has had international experience selecting the best cultures & ingredients to maximise the benefits of our Kombucha to bring you the best tasting, softest
Tea Gardens Kombucha.  

Our company is a founding member of Kombucha Brewers International [KBI],  a group of 40 companies worldwide who have an interest in brewing Kombucha to the highest possible standard. The sharing of ideas and the constant improvement of cultures will only serve to benefit consumers and hopefully reduce the consumption of high sugar beverages.