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What is Probiotic Iced Tea?

Our new range of Probiotic Iced Tea Tonic is based on a foundation of Real Leaf Organic Green Tea and is TOTALLY SUGAR FREE!

To obtain the maximum benefits from our Organic Green Tea, we extend the steeping time to 30 minutes.  The all natural concentrated flavouring is added and  the entire batch is then chilled to 1 degree Celcius. 

This delightful Tonic has loads of probiotics which is great for our gut health, now being proven to be a central part of our overall health and wellness.  

The flavour profiles have been carefully chosen to aid in maximum enjoyment of our new Iced Tea with added probiotics and it not only tastes good but is actually good for you.  Best of it’s totally sugar free!

Benefits of Green Tea.

Organic Green Tea contains polyphenol antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the body, a known trigger of premature aging. These antioxidants also proactively protect cells from damage that can lead to a number of chronic illnesses, making it a superfood that offers a broad range of health protection.

Green tea combined with a living probiotic is the perfect combination for maintaining a healthy body.

Probiotic Iced Tea Made with Organic Green Tea
Probiotic Iced Tea Citrus Lemon Lime
Probiotic Iced Tea Watermelon
Probiotic Iced Tea Peach Passionfruit

About Our Probiotic Iced Tea

Enjoy health & wellness from the inside out with our beautiful Sparkling Iced Tea. 

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Free from…

Fat, Preservatives, Lactose, Gluten, GMO


Low in..

Calories, G.I. & Carbs

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Raw Organic

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Living Superfoods
& Active Enzymes

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Sugar Free

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Vegan Friendly

Ingredients List
& Nutritional Panel

INGREDIENTS: Organic real leaf green tea, organic fermented glucose [erythritol], natural flavours, acetic acid, citric acid, Lactospore 6bn G190061 & natural colours. 

Tea Gardens Iced Tea Nutritional Panel

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