Payment & Ordering

  1. Does your Kombucha contain Caffeine.

    All kombucha contains a trace of Caffeine.

    The levels are much lower than a cup of green tea as the Bacillus consumes most or all of it.

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  1. How long will delivery take?

    We use mainstream Couriers for the deliveries.A tracking number will be supplied & we take full responsibility for your order until it is delivered safely. As we are in Newcastle NSW the further you are from us, the longer it will take. Remember, freight does not move on the weekend. Monday to Friday only. 

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  2. What happens if our order is lost in transit by the courier?

    We will replace it or refund your money ASAP.

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  3. If I’m not home when the courier calls what happens to my order?

    The courier will leave a card with instructions for collection.

     We suggest, if possible, to give the courier authority to leave at the door.

     This can be done in the comments section on the order form.

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  1. Why doesn’t your Kombucha need refrigeration?

    The yeast has been reduced by filtration which prevents further fermentation. This stabilisers the trace of alcohol to below 0.5%This is the only reason for refrigerating Kombucha. The bacteria enjoys the warmer temperatures & remains active as it is anaerobic & will remain alive in suspension till the bottle is opened. Our Kombucha can remain unrefrigerated till opened

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  2. How much should I drink per day?

    A bottle a day works well.

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  3. What is the shelf life?

    There is a 12 month Best By on our Kombucha

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  4. Where should I store the Kombucha?

    Store in cool dry place.

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  5. Is it safe to drink during pregnancy?

    Please consult your medical practitioner. 

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  6. Do you use Australian grown ingredients?

    Unfortunately we have to source our primary ingredients (Organic Raw sugar & Organic Green tea) from overseas. This is because they are not grown in commercial quantities in Australia but all of our ingredients have been certified by Australian Certified Organic.

    Our flavours however, are 100% Australian grown.

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  7. What type of flavouring is used?

    We use essences extracted from real fruit for flavouring.

    All natural & certified by Australian Certified Organic.

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  8. What is the sugar content of your Kombucha?

    The sugar level of Kombucha will be determined by the brewing time. The longer the brew the less the sugar. As we are now brewing sugar free kombucha we are brewing up to 60 days to have the sugar completely consumed by the bacillus. This also increases the amount of bacillus & reduces the yeast ,which in turn stabilizes the kombucha.

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  9. How do the sugar levels compare with fruit juice?

    Our Kombucha has about ¼ the sugar levels of fruit juice

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  10. Is your Kombucha sparkling?

    Yes it is.

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